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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

An Old Married Lady!

Today has been a funny old day.  Today is my unofficial anniversary.  I met my husband 15 years ago today.  Not the best of meetings I had a boyfriend, It was in a seedy nightclub (which is now a pole dancing club!)  My friend and I were playing a game of how many drinks can we get unsuspecting suckers to buy us (awful I know).  Then BANG there he was.

Although love at first sight it certainly was not.  His first words to me were’ Well you’re a Moody B***h.  Somewhere between there, the tequila, scaring off an unwanted admirer I was hooked.  The rest they say is history.

A lot of people did not think we would stand the test of time (both sets of parents for a start)  Our marriage vows of Richer, Poorer, Sickness and Health have been tested to extremes.  Good and Bad have surrounded us.  I have cried a lot but I have laughed more.  I have achieved so much that I wouldn’t have been able to without him.  Our greatest achievements are our beautiful daughters that because of him I have been blessed with.  I have been blessed to have him in my life.  He has made me the mother, friend and wife I am today.

Which is why it is easy to answer the question ‘Do you still love him?’  The answer is and always will be ‘I Do’

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Non Uber Mum

Yes that is me - The Non Uber Mum.  So I guess I should take a bit of time to explain what I mean.
Before having the kids, I was at the top of my game.  I was successful in my career, I had exotic holidays, frequented trendy bars and restaurants, drove a 2 seater red sports car and never ever got up before 11 on a weekend.  The circles that I moved in judged by all of the above, and by those standards I wasn't doing bad.

Then my first little miracle arrived and life changed drastically (and in more ways than I expected).  I was not equipped for these new circles of designer prams and environmentally friendly nappies.  And oh my god these women were immaculate.  They would say they had been up all night - but I really had and I looked like it too.  Never did they go out without brushing there hair or teeth.  Never did they go out covered in weetabix, Never ever ever did they go out without make.  I on the other hand did all of the above!

My gorgeous girl was 10 months when I realised I needed to give up and get back to what I did best (in other words that corporate world).  This crashing realisation occured when I had taken the TV remote out with me rather than my mobile phone, and tried to use it to call my husband and in the same week I had lost my car keys for 5 days.  (they were in a vase!)

So back to full time work I went, with the whispers and the filthy looks (my Mum being one of the worse) and that is how it has stayed.

I try to convince myself that I can compete, with the artsy and crafty, muffin making, furniture restoring, exercise class fanatical, immaculate looking Uber Mums but deep down I know I cant.

My house is not immaculate, (we actually stuff huge amounts in cupboards and have rooms that are no mans land when anyone visits)

I dont make a homemade dinner everynight (maybe once a week if my family as lucky)

We no not stick to strict routines (girls were still charging about at 9pm tonight)

I dont decorate well, I absolutely can not keep on top of the washing and ironing (hence clothes mountain situated in my bedroom that I try to conquer on a regaular basis)

I definitely do not spend as much time with the girls as some think I should. but my girls are happy free spirits who are too smart for their own good, so I must be something ok - right????

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Holidaying Gardener

I am on holiday this week. After many arguments, which normally ended in someone swearing, screaming 'its up to you' or slamming doors. We have decided to have a Staycation, and although I am horrified to admit it. I am having a brilliant time. I haven't actualy had a break this year and I was starting to get burnt out. I am sure a very powerful factor in my having this wonderful time at home is the fact that the weather has been glorious. However, as I write this the heavens have opened and it is becoming obvious that I wasted an hour of my life this evening watering the grass.I made the mistake of mentioning this to the other half who matter of factly told me 'Well it needed it' - and then trailed off about some sort of grass saturation........... Well whatever it needs I hope it gets some of it soon, my darling eldest asked why we had straw rather than grass in a garden today. I was thankful we were at home as I would have been horrified if she had mentioned in front of one of the Uber Mums. I am so close to suggesting that we get some astro turf. One less thing to maintain and I am sure the Uber Mums wont notice. Well not till the next social gathering anyway.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Cook, Cleaner, Taxi Driver, Counsellor, Shoes Addict, Business Analyst and Nurse

Some days life is flipping hard, before you know it it's 8 pm, and all you have to show for it is a tired husband, 2 screaming kids, a sink full of washing up, a shirt covered in bolognese (thanks to your youngest) and 17 missed calls from your mum reminding you of her conditions, how wonderful your brother is and how crap you are, but as a full time working mum, you swallow your tears stick a false grin on your face and more often than not take solace in the sneaky glass of wine you have in the kitchen while world war 3 kicks off in the lounge!

A few days ago I decided to keep a log of how many minutes I get to myself each day. You know how many I had on Friday? 13! Yes 13 whole flipping minutes and most of those were spent on the toilet at work! So this is what life has come to. Snatched minutes in the office loo!

Well guess tomorrow is another day!