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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Holidaying Gardener

I am on holiday this week. After many arguments, which normally ended in someone swearing, screaming 'its up to you' or slamming doors. We have decided to have a Staycation, and although I am horrified to admit it. I am having a brilliant time. I haven't actualy had a break this year and I was starting to get burnt out. I am sure a very powerful factor in my having this wonderful time at home is the fact that the weather has been glorious. However, as I write this the heavens have opened and it is becoming obvious that I wasted an hour of my life this evening watering the grass.I made the mistake of mentioning this to the other half who matter of factly told me 'Well it needed it' - and then trailed off about some sort of grass saturation........... Well whatever it needs I hope it gets some of it soon, my darling eldest asked why we had straw rather than grass in a garden today. I was thankful we were at home as I would have been horrified if she had mentioned in front of one of the Uber Mums. I am so close to suggesting that we get some astro turf. One less thing to maintain and I am sure the Uber Mums wont notice. Well not till the next social gathering anyway.

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